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You can be a Research HUB instructor, too. If you are expert on a research method, subject or topic, you are welcome to publish course on Research HUB. Apply to become a Research HUB instructor using form on the left. In the message section of the form, please provide a tentative course name, your highest academic degree with university name, your current location and affiliation (if any).

Research HUB provides resources for approved instructors. As soon as your request to become a teacher is approved, you will receive instructions via email. We recommend potential instructors to take the free short course on PUBLISH A COURSE ON RESEARCH HUB.
Step1: Register on the Research HUB website and apply to become a teacher.

Step 2: Upon approval, you can start course design. Research HUB courses are divided into four categories: SHORT, FULL, PREMIUM and INDUSTRY courses.

Step 3: Instructor designs the course.

Step 4: Instructor uploads course content on the Research HUB website.

If you need support, please contact us at
Upon course content upload by the instructor, Research HUB assigns a certificate to the course, and the course goes live on the website.

Instructor's earned commission from course revenue is automatically shared to instructor’s PayPal account.