Why publish a course on Research HUB?

  • Teach something you excel.
  • Build reputation globally.
  • Simple process, no paperwork.
  • No setup cost, 50:50 revenue sharing on course revenue for paid courses.
    • After 500 student enrollments, the instructor(s) will receive 60% of course revenue.
    • After 1000 student enrollments, the instructor(s) will receive 65% of course revenue.
  • Teach together with colleagues, the platform supports co-instruction.
  • We can provide institutional email address to dedicated instructors, for example,
  • Only instructors with a PhD degree from reputed universities can publish PREMIUM COURSE, see for example the curriculum of PANEL DATA ANALYSIS.

Course Categories

Research HUB courses are divided into four categories: SHORT, FULL, PREMIUM and INDUSTRY courses.

  • SHORT courses typically include one to three modules. See an example HERE.
  • FULL courses typically include three to six modules. See an example HERE.
  • PREMIUM courses typically include more than five modules, provide greater detail on each module and offer 30 minutes ZOOM consultation to each course participant at the end of the course. See an example HERE.
  • INDUSTRY courses introduce participants with key concepts within industries and often tailored for organizations.

Each module typically includes three to seven videos. Each course should include at least one MCQ test with minimum five questions.

How to publish a course on Research HUB?

Research HUB offers a free course on publishing a Research HUB course. We highly recommend instructors to complete the short course. You can publish a course following four simple steps:

After preparation of the course content, i.e. lecture videos and MCQ questions, you can submit course content in two ways:

Option 1 (Recommended) Option 2
Send your course content folder (dropbox, googledrive, onedrive etc.) link with us at . Research HUB team will take care of setting the course on the platform and publication of the course. Upload course content on the Research HUB platform yourself. In that case you can simply follow instructions on the Publish A Course on Research HUB course.

In both cases, Research HUB team will review course content and add the certificate before publication.


Ethical considerations in publishing a course on Research HUB

  • You can publish the same course content on multiple e-learning platforms if other platforms allow, but it is encouraged to not publish the exactly same content in multiple platforms. You can of course use lecture videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo in your Research HUB course.
  • Do not drive Research HUB course audience to other platforms, web pages or apps. We are building a community where the students and the instructors interact through the Research HUB platform while creating dynamic learning experience.
  • Research HUB content are copyrighted. The instructors and Research HUB holds the right distribute the contents through Research HUB and its network. None of the published Research HUB contents can downloaded and distributed without permission.
  • Research HUB has the right to cancel a course due to violation of ethical conditions.