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The School of Business, Economics and Law offers a unique breadth, with over 3 700 full-time students, 470 staff members, 160 international partner universities, four departments and three main subject areas – business, economics and law. The uniqueness is also manifested in the School’s close collaboration with trade, industry and the public sector. The School of Business, Economics and Law is accredited by EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA, currently the only business school in Sweden to hold this Triple Crown-accreditation.

The Department of Business Administration is the largest department at the School, conducting research and offering education at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels in all major disciplines relating to business administration and economic geography. The Department has approximately 140 employees, of whom 20 hold doctoral studentships. It is also host to many international visiting research fellows. The Department is organized into four sections: Industrial and Financial Management & Logistics (IFEL), Management & Organisation, Marketing and Accounting.

The health care sector is a central component of the modern welfare state. Accounting for a large share of the government budget and providing employment to a great number of people, the sector plays a significant socio-economic role in society. The University of Gothenburg has a strong track record in health care studies and health care education. The School of Business, Economics, and Law has four departments (Business Administration, Economics, Law, and Economy and Society) that contribute various disciplinary perspectives on the health care sector, including its governance, leadership and management practices, and use of resources.

Increasingly specialized and technologically complex health care practices place new demands on coordination of therapies, developments in medical technology and other innovations that contribute to health care quality improvements. There are also significant challenges associated with measuring, calculating, and in other ways assessing costs and benefits of organizational changes, new knowledge, new therapies and new technology.

The position of Full Professor of Business Administration specializing in Health Governance represents the ambition to strengthen the role of business and management studies in understanding governance, leadership and management in the health care sector. This objective may be achieved by developing knowledge in areas such as

  • the development and organization of health care practices,
  • processes involved in the development of new knowledge, applications, therapies, and medical technologies and equipment,
  • the establishment of resilient supply chains in the health care sector,
  • value creation in private-public partnerships,
  • collaborative efforts across professions,
  • demographic changes and their implications for the health care sector,
  • accounting and calculative practices intended to assess the efficacy of health care models and/or specific therapies, and
  • how priorities are made, how they affect day-to-day practices, and their bottom-line budget implications.

The School of Business, Economics, and Law emphasizes the value of academic and intellectual freedom, and welcomes innovative thinking and calculated risk-taking that benefit the vitality of the business and management studies discipline as well as the health care sector itself.


Work responsibilities

The overarching objective of the position of Full Professor of Business Administration specializing in Health Governance is to strengthen the area of business and management studies in the health care sector by initiating and carrying out qualified, internationally competitive research and by developing graduate and postgraduate education relevant to health governance. A cross-disciplinary infrastructure conducive to collaborative research work is already established and the successful candidate is expected to take responsibility for the following activities:

  • To conduct research on governance, leadership and management practices in the health care sector, and to publish research in leading social science journals (i.e., primarily journals ranked in the 3-4* categories on the AJG list).
  • To initiate, secure funding for, and manage externally funded research projects in the area of Health Governance as defined above.
  • To take responsibility for developing an internationally recognized research environment focusing on Health Governance.
  • To reinforce and consolidate the area of Health Governance studies and contribute to collaboration between researchers at the School, at the University and in an international context.
  • To contribute to collaboration between industry, the public sector and academia allowing all constituents to benefit from research findings, and to launch new projects based on the practical challenges faced by industry and the public sector as well as by patients, other beneficiaries and their special interest groups.
  • To teach in graduate, postgraduate and executive education programs and to perform administrative duties, not exceeding a total of 20% of full-time.



The eligibility requirements for appointment to Full Professor are specified in Chapter 4 of the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance, the Appointments Procedure for Teachers at the University of Gothenburg (ref. nr GU 2020/415), and the School of Business, Economics and Law’s Appointment procedures (ref. nr V 2018/224).

To be eligible for employment as Full Professor, the candidate must have completed a doctoral degree in business administration. The candidate must also be able to present documented evidence of research and teaching expertise.



The assessment of applicants is guided by the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 4, and by the University of Gothenburg’s and the School of Business, Economics and Law’s appointment procedures (ref. nr V 2020/415 and V 2018/224, respectively).

The assessment criteria for appointment to Full Professor shall be the degree of the expertise required as a qualification for employment.

Criteria such as scope, depth and originality of research activities, productivity and contributions to and assignments within the international scholarly community are used in the assessment of a candidate’s scholarly qualifications. When pedagogical qualifications are assessed, the criteria consist of the scope of documented well conducted teaching assignments at all levels and experience as a supervisor at the doctoral level; ability to convey knowledge, commitment to and interest in the subject; experience and skills regarding the development of courses and other teaching activities as well as previous involvement in the production of teaching material.

The assessment criteria include the ability to build and sustain multidisciplinary research environments, to lead and develop research projects and doctoral environments, documented administrative skills, and an ability to cooperate with external actors. Capacity for academic citizenship is also important for the position. We are looking for a person who will contribute to the long-term development of health governance-related research by means of participation, commitment and a strong spirit of initiative.


Based on the specified work responsibilities, documented evidence of the following credentials will be given particular weight:

  • Health Governance related research of high quality published in leading scientific journals.
  • Well conducted teaching activities of high quality at all levels, but in particular at the Master’s and doctoral levels. Experience as a supervisor at the doctoral level is a requirement. Experience from executive education is an important qualification.
  • An ability to initiate, finance and lead research and development work.
  • Experience leading and developing externally funded research activities.
  • Experience developing multidisciplinary work.
  • Experience from outreach activities and cooperation with non-academic actors.
  • Experience from leading and/or participating in international research collaboration.
  • Strong management and administrative skills.
  • Documented very strong ability to collaborate with others as well as an overall suitability for the specified work responsibilities.



The position will be hosted by the Department of Business Administration at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.


About the position

The advertised vacancy is a full-time 100 %, permanent position. The starting date will be determined in consultation between employer and employee.


Additional information

All teaching staff with permanent positions must complete mandatory training in teaching and learning in higher education or otherwise have acquired equivalent knowledge no later than one year from the date of their initial appointment. Such qualifications will be assessed under separate arrangements in accordance with a decision by the Vice-Chancellor (Appointment Procedure for Teachers at the University of Gothenburg, dnr GU 2020/415).


Process information

The recruitment process will involve assessments of applications by external experts, research seminar presentations, interviews and references. Information about the continued recruitment process will be provided to all applicants after the application closing date. Please note that all documents submitted to the University of Gothenburg, including appendices, are classified as public documents according to Swedish law.


Application closing date

The application closing date is September 30th 2020.


How to apply

You will register your application in the University of Gothenburg’s recruitment portal by clicking ‘Apply’, below. We welcome applications in English, as they will be reviewed by international experts. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the advertisement and that it will be received by the University before the application deadline (closing date, midnight Swedish time). Scholarly publications, books etc. that are not available in electronic form must be submitted in four copies to:

Department of Business Administration

RE: recruitment PAR 2020/448

University of Gothenburg

PO-Box 610

SE-405 30 Gothenburg




Your application should include:


  • A cover letter
  • CV
  • Copies of degree certificates, transcripts and other evidence of completed training
  • Letter of intent (up to 2 pages in length), in which you explain how you would approach the specified work responsibilities if hired for the position
  • A presentation of scholarly qualifications containing a complete list of publications, a list of up to 10 scholarly publications that you wish to be considered, a justification why these publications are selected and a brief account of your own research-related activities. The publications should be enclosed with the application as appendices.
  • A presentation of pedagogical qualifications containing teacher training, a list of up to 10 pedagogical works/teaching materials you wish to be considered and a brief account of your teaching assignments and a personal reflection on your teaching. Qualitative assessments, course evaluations etc. should be enclosed as appendices.
  • A summary of past leadership responsibilities.
  • A summary of past administrative responsibilities.
  • A summary of past responsibilities and initiatives regarding outreach and cooperation with non-academic actors.
  • References (at least 2), including their names, titles, present employment and contact information.

All appendices must be clearly identified by their respective file name.


Contact information

If you have questions concerning the advertised position, please contact:

Professor Henrik Agndal, head of the Department of Business Administration

E-mail: henrik.agndal@handels.gu.se

Tel: +46 (0)31-786 4559


Information about the university

For further information, please visit the following websites:

University of Gothenburg: www.gu.se

School of Business, Economics and Law: https://handels.gu.se/

The Department of Business Administration: https://fek.handels.gu.se/

Information for International Staff or visiting researchers at the University of Gothenburg: https://medarbetarportalen.gu.se/gast/visiting-researchers-international-staff/


Trade unions

For information about union representatives at the University of Gothenburg please visit the following website:




The University of Gothenburg promotes equal opportunities, equality and diversity.

Salary is determined on an individual basis.

Applications will be destroyed or returned (upon request) two years after the decision of employment has become final. Applications from the employed and from those who appeal the decision will not be returned.

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