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The post and its placement
The School of Languages and Translation Studies at the Faculty of
Humanities invites applications for the position of Professor in the field of
English. The post is subject to a six month trial period.
For the position of the Professor, we seek talented researchers who have
already a strong proven experience in international scientific career and
in teaching at the university level.
More information about the School is available on the website:
A description of the Department and the focus of research is on the
The salary for the post is determined in accordance with the university
salary system for teaching and research personnel. The task specific
salary component for Professor is determined according to level 8–11 of
the job demand chart, which is 4824,17–7108,71 euros per month. In
addition, a personal work performance component will be paid. The
personal work performance component is a maximum of 50% of the task
specific salary component. The salary will be specified and negotiated
when preparing the employment contract.
Qualification requirements
A person selected for the post must possess a doctoral degree, high-level
scientific proficiency, experience in the management of scientific
research, evidence of international co-operation in their field, and the
ability to provide high-quality teaching based on research and to supervise
dissertations. When assessing an applicant’s merits, scientific
publications and other research outcomes of scientific value, teaching
experience and pedagogical training, ability to produce study materials,
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University of Turku | Faculty of Humanities
FI-20014 University of Turku, Finland
Telephone +358 29 450 5000
other teaching merits, and a teaching demonstration as well as
participation in doctoral education will be taken into account.
The professor is in charge especially of the track of Second Language
Acquisition, and it’s teaching, research and development in the
Department of English. In addition, she / he will take part in the degree
programme of Language, learning and education. .
Of particular importance are merits in research and education as well as
acquisition of external funding. Activity in international scientific
community and societal impact will be special merits.
A prerequisite for the post of Professor is leadership experience, or a
willingness to participate in leadership training commensurate with the
A person appointed to the post is required by Government Decree
(770/2009) to have an adequate mastery of the Finnish language.
According to the Government Decree university teaching and research
personnel should be proficient in Finnish, in which the teaching is given.
According to the University of Turku Rules of Procedure a person
appointed to a University teaching and research position can demonstrate
the mastery of the Finnish language, as enacted in the Government
Decree, by: 1) education completed in Finnish; 2) a pass grade in the
Finnish Matriculation Examination from the mother tongue test in Finnish;
3) minimum cum laude approbatur grade in the Finnish Matriculation
Examination in Finnish as a second language test; 4) a pass grade of a
maturity test completed in Finnish from a higher education institution; 5)
an other separately approved method.
Foreigners and Finnish citizens who are not native Finnish speakers can
be appointed to teaching and research positions without demonstrating
the decreed mastery of the Finnish language. However, the successful
performance of the duties assigned to the position requires adequate
skills of Finnish language as the professor will do research on, and
supervise the language learning of specifically Finnish-speaking foreign
language students. For that reason excellent Finnish language skills is a
requirement to this position.
The post is announced for application both nationally and internationally.
The application period is at least 30 days.
Applications are submitted through the eRekry online application system.
The link to the eRekry online application system is at the beginning of the
Call for Application.
Applications must include:
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University of Turku | Faculty of Humanities
FI-20014 University of Turku, Finland
Telephone +358 29 450 5000
1) An authenticated curriculum vitae.
2) A list of publications in accordance with the practice of the Finnish
Advisory Board on Research Integrity (TENK) and the Academy of
3) portfolio in accordance with university practice:
4) A list of those publications which the applicant wishes to be submitted
to the experts in connection with the application; (numbered, the
maximum number of publications is 10).
5) The publications listed above; primarily in the eRekry online application
6) An account of the applicant’s part in publications co-authored with other
7) A written statement of not more than two typed pages, setting out the
applicant’s vision for the future development of research and teaching
in the discipline.
Documents are to be delivered in English. Only one enclosure can be
added in each enclosure segment in the eRekry online application
system. The file formats to be used can be found in the info file of each
enclosure. Regarding the publications, it should be noted that the system
only allows a compressed file format (.zip). The zip-folder may include
multiple documents.
If publications are delivered as paper versions by post, they should be
sent by the end of the application period to the following address: Faculty
of Humanities, FI-20014 University of Turku (office: Koskenniemenkatu 4,
Signum, Turku). In addition, the list of publications (number 43 above)
should mention which publications have been delivered by post.
Applicants should state how they can be contacted during the selection
process for the appointment, and the e-mail address and the postal
address to which written communications should be sent.
Statements concerning the qualifications and merits of persons applying
for the post are requested from a minimum of two experts. The preparation
group makes a proposal on the experts, whom the Dean chooses. In the
selection of experts, due regard is paid to the Professor’s post to be filled.
The disqualification of the experts is governed by the provisions of
Sections 27–29 of the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003). The
applicants will be informed of the selection of the experts. The experts,
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University of Turku | Faculty of Humanities
FI-20014 University of Turku, Finland
Telephone +358 29 450 5000
once selected, may not participate in the subsequent stages of the
appointment procedure.
The experts are required to submit written statements. In the statements,
the experts are asked to particularly evaluate the academic competence
and merits of each applicant. The statement is public, and it must contain
justifications about those applicants who, according to each expert, are
primarily to be considered in filling the Professor’s post, taking into
account the post, its qualification requirements and other circumstances
affecting the evaluation of the merits of the applicants.
The experts are also asked to rank the candidates in order of preference.
If there are no more than three applicants, the expert shall submit a
justified statement on each of the applicants’ merits; or, if there are more
than three applicants, the statement shall involve at least three of them.
However, the expert only submits a justified statement on the applicants
they consider qualified for the post.
The statement must explicitly state the criteria used for compiling the
shortlists and reasons for the exclusion of any applicants not considered
in detail. The experts may consult with each other and submit a joint
The experts will be provided with the appointment specification, copies of
relevant application documents as well as the publications and other
works. The written statement must be given within three months. The
statement becomes public once the statements of all the experts have
reached the University.
Teaching demonstration and interview
Following the submission of the experts’ statements, the Faculty may
make arrangements to allow for the applicant to give a teaching
demonstration, to which members of the public are also admitted. The
teaching demonstration will be evaluated.
The highest ranked applicants are interviewed.
Preparation group
The Dean will establish a preparation group to prepare the proposal for
the appointment Assistant / Associate Professor. Invited members of the
preparation group shall be 3–5 Professors or other teaching or research
personnel who represent the field in question or a closely related field to
which the professorial post belongs. Other members also outside the
University may be invited to join the group if considered necessary. The
members and secretary of the preparation group must be impartial for the
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University of Turku | Faculty of Humanities
FI-20014 University of Turku, Finland
Telephone +358 29 450 5000
This preparation group will make the proposal on selection of experts and
the proposal for the appointment. It may also participate in the
assessment of teaching skills and interview the applicants.
Procedure and appointment to the post
Once the expert statements and other necessary disquisitions have been
obtained, the preparation group makes a justified proposal on which
applicants it considers suitable for appointment to the post.
The Faculty Council makes a justified proposal for the appointment to
Professor’s post. The Faculty delivers the proposal and its appendices
(including employment contracts in two copies) to the Rector for decisionmaking.
After having received the proposal, the Rector will decide whom to appoint
to post. Employment contract is made with the selected appointee. If
needed, the Rector may request additional clarifications from the Faculty
for the appointment to the post. The applicants will be informed about the
appointment decision.
The University of Turku reserves the right, for a justified reason, to leave
the post unfilled, extend the application period, and take into consideration
those applicants who have not applied by the closing date.
Additional information
For further information on the procedure, contact the Service Manager Mari
Husu, e-mail:
The following Finnish legislation applies to the procedures for this appointment
The Constitution of Finland (731/1999)
The Universities Act (558/2009)
Finnish Government Degree on Universities (15.10.2009/770)
Act on the Implementation of the Universities Act (559/2009)
The Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003)
The University of Turku Rules of Procedure
Dean Jaakko Suominen
Faculty Services Manager Mari Husu

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