DEA – R Script


Download the R-script for Data Envelopment Analysis using the Benchmarking package in R-software.


Download the Research HUB DEA package. It includes:

  • Two DEA R-Scripts
  • One sample data in Excel and CSV format
  • One journal article published using the sample data
  • One image demonstrating the frontier concepts.

The R-scripts for Data Envelopment Analysis using the Benchmarking package in R-software covers:

  1. Variable returns to scale (BCC-DEA)
  2. Constant returns to scale DEA (CCR-DEA)
  3. Super efficiency estimation
  4. Bootstrap DEA
  5. Slack estimation
  6. Free disposal hull (FDH)

DEA-main script covers multiple inputs and one output example, while DEA-multipleoutput script covers multiple inputs and multiple outputs example.

The package includes the analysis demonstrated in the Data Envelopment Analysis in R video.


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