User Accounts

Users must register an account with email address and full name to avail Research HUB products and services offered through this website. It is important that you update your full name on your Research HUB Profile. If you do not update your full name in the system within 10 days from registering an account, your account may be deleted.

Course content delivery

Our courses are online, and mainly delivered via on demand pre-recorded sessions. Courses are divided in two to six modules. Each module typically covers three to seven videos. You can enroll in the courses through our website after making the payment of course fees. After signing up in the course, contents appear sequentially throughout modules. None of the lecture is live and does not require reporting of attendance. You may contact instructors through e-mail. Some may charge extra for consultancy hours. Note that each course has a 30 weeks duration from the enrollment date, and to achieve course certificate you must complete within this duration. You can of course finish the course earlier on your schedule but must be done within 30 weeks from the enrollment date.

Course certificate

We provide a course certificate after you have completed the course lectures and tasks with 30 weeks from the enrollment date. Some courses require passing MCQ tests with an average of 70%. As the courses are self-paced, you can complete the lectures and take the exam at your desired speed but within the course duration of 30 weeks. Make sure that you name is registered properly in our website as it will appear in the course certificate as it is.

Course assessment

At least one MCQ test of 15 to 30 minutes duration in each course. Students must achieve 70% or higher in MCQ tests to get a course certificate.


Research HUB courses are not accredited. Our platform is based on knowledge-sharing principle with least possible cost. You can see the course content structure and student reviews to get an idea of course quality. Only the premium courses are current under accreditation process.

Price and payment

Our course price ranges mostly from USD 9.99 to USD 699. You can choose to pay according to your wish through credit card or PayPal. Some courses maybe available free of charge for a limited period. If you have any technical difficulties in payment process contact us via email at

Course fee refund policy

We do not have a refund policy at the moment. Once you have paid for the course and enrolled in it, we cannot refund the payment. Please read carefully the course content before enrolling.

Discounts and waivers

Please see our Waiver Policy for information on course fee discounts and waivers.

The upgrade to the new website is taking a bit longer, we are expecting the new website live by next Monday (June 12). Disruptions are expected during these dates. Enrolled members will be given access to the new website. If you are planning to enroll in a course, please do so from June 12.