List of published bibliometric studies by RESEARCH HUB network

Bibliometric studies published by Research HUB course graduates, members and extended network (only reported ones):

  1. Raut, Sachin Kumar, Ilan Alon, and Sudhir Rana. "A review of the contribution of Yair Aharoni to the foreign investment decision process: a bibliometric analysis." European Journal of International Management 20.1 (2023): 8-42.
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Here are some recommended method and guideline papers which you may find useful:

  1. Broadus, R. (1987). Toward a definition of "bibliometrics”Scientometrics12(5-6), 373-379.
  2. Zupic, I., & Čater, T. (2015). Bibliometric methods in management and organization. Organizational Research Methods18(3), 429-472.
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  4. Aria, M., & Cuccurullo, C. (2017). bibliometrix: An R-tool for comprehensive science mapping analysis. Journal of Informetrics11(4), 959-975.

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