Bibliometrix R-Script

This R-Script bundle is prepared by Dr. Ziaul H. Munim. Download the R-script for bibliometric analysis using the Bibliometrix package in R-software. It covers:

(1) Detailed bibliometric analysis R-script

  • Setting up data extracted from bibliography databases such as WOS, Scopus;
  • All citation analysis;
  • Lotka’s law analysis;
  • Citation network analysis including bibliographic coupling, co-citation, co-occurrence etc.;
  • Conceptual structure analysis;
  • Historiograph analysis.

(2) R-script for merging multiple bibliography dataset

(3) Sample bibliography dataset

  • One sample WOS dataset (txt format)
  • One sample SCOPUS dataset (bibtext format)
  • One sample DIMENSIONS dataset (CSV format)

Alternatively you can enroll in the Bibliometric Literature Review course that includes all of this and much more!

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